Sergio (California)


Name: Sergio L.

Twitter: @sergiozepol

School: University of San Diego

Favorite Drink: The Kraken Rum

Advice to Freshman? This is your one real year to screw up, HARD. Take advantage of it.

Best spring break story: The 5for5 blackout week. never again.

Are you butt or breasts man? Butt, without a doubt.

My weirdest phobia is seeing someone standing in my closet at night.

What do you want in a girl? Gorgeous eyes, addictive smile, fit body, and a sense of humor (obviously)

Most embarrassing or craziest college story? Getting caught in the shower with two girls by my RA. They shared my only towel. I walked to the office bare naked.

Have you ever had whiskey dick? Nope, never had whiskey dick.

Craziest place you have had sex? In a stairwell at a rooftop downtown party

What’s the ugliest girl you have hooked up with 1-10? A four, but rest assured I made up for it the night after.

Do you trim your pubes?   Treat others the way you want to be treated. so yes.

Worst drunk text you’ve sent: “I love youuuuuuuu”

Would you rather walk in on your parents or get walked in on by your parents? Seeing as how I’ve walked in on them before (when I was 10), I think it’s their turn.

Favorite #CTL tweet? “If you’re posting statuses on a Friday night about how hard you’re partying, you’re not on our level. #CTL”

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