Jimmy (Arizona)


Twitter: @JimmyTatro

School: University of Arizona Freshman

Major: Economics but I’m planning on switching to Media Arts

Your Dream Girl Must Have: A great sense of humor, an interesting/smart personality, and jaw-dropping looks

What You Hate About Girls: They don’t pay for anything

Why Her Mom Would Approve: Because I’m so sweet and kind

Most Awkward Moment: One time after a big party I woke up in the middle of the night in my dorm room because the fan was on too cold. A girl was staying over and she woke up when I woke up. I told her to turn the fan off and she got up and almost stepped on a blacked out, fat Mexican guy with a moustache who for some reason was passed out on my floor. After shaking him for about 5 minutes he finally woke up and wandered pointlessly around my room while I yelled at him to get out. After he attempted to put MY shoes on and walk out the door I finally got him to leave. Not cool.

T or A? Both but if I gotta choose one I’m going with the boobies haha

What’s your “number”? Not important

What’s Playing on your ipod right now? “Dear Professor” by Dean’s List and Kid Ink, and Katy Perry’s ET…I love that shit

What We Would Never Know About You? I can do backflips, low key though.

Why Did You Make The Frat Video? I had a feeling everyone would be able to relate to “that guy”. I love entertaining and making people laugh and saw this as an opportunity to do so to a wide audience of people. I also knew it would help get my name out there and my youtube channel more popular.

What Frat Stereotype Are You? You can’t really be a frat stereotype if you just made a video making fun of every single stereotype.

Favorite Sex Position: Definitely either the Erotic Accordion or the Passion Propeller…

Are You Famous on Campus? You could put it that way if you want

Favorite Drink: Non-Alcoholic: Poppin Pink Lemonade. Alcoholic: Adios Motherfuckers

What’s your booty call text look like: COom eOvervgv yurour so hjottt

Stupidest Girl You Have Dealt With: Girl I had never seen before came up to me at a party and our conversation went something like this

Girl: “Jimmy. What’s my name?”

Me: “Oh hey, um I don’t know, what is your name?”

Girl: “Wow, how rude, you don’t even know my name”

Me: “That’s because I’ve never met you before. Feel free to tell me your name though”

Girl: “Like you even care”

Me: “….I just asked you what your name was”

Girl: “Yeah what is it?”

Me: “I don’t know! You tell me! That’s usually how introductions work”

Girl: “But you wont care so whatever”


When you leave college what will your legacy be? Probably “Jimmy Tatro, the guy who makes the videos” hahaha

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    Jimmy Tatro, you are the fuckin man

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    hello gorgeous! 

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    Did you jizz on her face though?

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    yo dude what frat are you in?