Mandy (Texas)

Name: Mandy (@MandyKN)

School: TCU

Favorite pair of heels? Stuart Weitzman brown leather wedges, or my Michael Kors Brown with wood pumps

Favorite purse out? Any Kate Spade side bag, the one I’ve been using a lot is the cream with gold buckle and chain

What is the most surprising thing we’d find out about you through “Never Have I Ever”?  Never have I ever done it with out a condom, no babies here

Most embarrassing story that you witnessed a guy go through when hooking up? My freshman year one of the guys in my dorm had a girl shack and she started throwing up on his futon mid hook-up, she then ran out of his room with no pants, no wallet, no key to get in her dorm, and no phone. The next day she sent her friend to collect all of her stuff, and they never spoke again. We still make fun of him for it.

Best college weekend at your school and why? Well away from TCU clearly the Rose Bowl and Fiesta Bowl!! (Go Frogs) but at school.  Victory my sophomore year, I don’t really remember it but my date was hot, I looked good and I had a little too much fun.

What’s your pet-peeve with guys? When they cuss a lot

How does someone get you at a bar? They don’t.

If you were a celeb who would you be? I get Ali Larter a lot. I look like her, and guys say I act like her character in varsity blues, a couple girls have said her character in Legally Blonde, so I guess I’m sort of a brat?

Biggest regret in college? NOTHING. I wouldn’t be who I was today if I didn’t make all my mistakes.

What is the worst pick up line you have heard? My friend is about to hit on you so I wanted to get to you first….I’m sorry what am I the last piece of pizza?

Favorite theme party? Hunters and Hunted

Last Halloween costume? Minion (from Despicable Me)

What motto do you live your life by?  How terrible is wisdom when it brings no power to the wise. – Sophelcles

Biggest school rival? SMU… we’re gunna beat the hell outta you.

Ideal romantic date? Yacht then off to the fancy hotel

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  • Guest

    how do you do the minion costume???


    beat the hell out of SMU…? Obviously not (:

  • guest

    this is embarrassing… 

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      hahahaha i agree what the fuck mandy… ali larter? not even in your dreams

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    This is disgusting. Way to represent TCU, Mandy Naglich.

  • Ethan

    why is everyone hatin’?

  • hahahaha


  • Johnduke47

    This is embarrassing to TCU… destroy this website

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    embarrassed… thanks