Lauren (Delaware)

She plays Xbox, wanted to play in the NFL when she grew up, and loves beer. Meet this weeks girl of the week!

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I’m from the “Slower Lower” southern part of the state. I’m a Hooters girl down in Rehoboth Beach when it’s open in the summer, and I absolutely love my job! I love to ride my four-wheeler, I’m really into drawing/art and soccer is my favorite sport to play. I’ve met Bill Yoast who coached the 1971 T.C Williams Titans and inspired the movie, “Remember The Titans”; really nice guy. Being from the south I was raised listening to great country music, but I also am really into hip-hop. When I was younger I wanted to be the first girl football player for the Denver Broncos, but i’d much rather watch a game of football from the couch any day, with some hot wings and french fries.

Name: Lauren C. (Follow her!)

School: University of Delaware

Favorite Drink: Jagerbombs and beer

I’m totally addicted to: Sleeping, #CTL, Twitter,  Bacon, and my cell phone

My weirdest phobia is: Being buried alive, I’m terrified of it

The quickest way to annoy me is:  Take the last beer.

Craziest thing you have done in college? Me and a few friends tweeted Alex Stern, Sam Adams’ manager when they were coming for a concert last year. They tweeted us back, and Alex gave us his number, we got to party on the tour bus with them after the concert until they left

Who would play you in a movie? Probably Hayden Panettiere, a lot of people tell me I look like her

What’s your muff like? The VIP section.

What is the worst pick up line you have heard? Working at Hooters, I hear a lot, but the worst was probably when I asked someone if they wanted their wings naked or breaded, “Can I get you naked?” …No.

What is one thing no one would ever know about you? That I own an xbox because I actually really like playing Call of Duty and Halo 3.

Dream 1st date? Going somewhere fun, nothing too serious. As long as the guy is a gentleman, makes conversation, and has a sense of humor, I just want to know he put thought into the date.

Do you kiss on the first date? Yeah, if I like the guy. If he isn’t a good kisser i don’t think I’d date him again. You wouldn’t buy a car before you test drive it, right?

What motto do you live your life by? Nothing is wrong, if it feels good

Best drunk text message you have sent or received? “Do you remember seeing Mario and Luigi on the bus or am I making this up?”

 What were you for Halloween?  A cop, and a football player

Craziest thing you have done this semester? Competed in the Beer Olympics as Team Germany with two other people, 8 teams; Flong, Pong, Anchorman, Baseball, Civil War, Survival Flip Cup, 21 cup.

What is the sexiest word in the english dictionary?  Lace. ;)

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