Jake (Arizona)

Jake A. (University of Arizona) is our first division 1 athlete that we have interviewed. Get his scoop on rating girls and wait till you find out his most embarrassing story, it’s shocking!


Name: Jake A. @MileHighJake40

School:  University of Arizona

Favorite Drink: Shots of Patron

Advice to Freshman?  Either you black out, or you back out.

Are you butt or breasts man?  Butt man… a nice butt makes me excuse any flaws on a girl

There isn’t anything that patron while poolside can’t fix.

The quickest way to annoy me is to announce to the whole party exactly how much you’ve drank… No one cares that you’ve had 2 shots of vodka 1 of tequila and your on your 2nd beer, so just shut up.

What do you want in a girl?  Laid back, contagious smile, spontaneous, funny, and a body for days

Most embarrassing college story?  So I was in love with this girl in my dorm last year, and all of my friends knew it. I had a class with her in the spring, and I finally grew a pair and sat next to her in class one day.  We started talking in class, and we both pulled out our laptops to take notes.  At the time, I had no idea my buddies changed my desktop background to her in her bikini picture from facebook that morning when I was showering.  I opened up my laptop and wasn’t really looking at the screen cause we were still just starting to talk.  A solid 15 seconds later, I noticed she was starring at the screen, and I looked, immediately closed the computer, and we haven’t spoke since.

Have you ever had blue balls or whiskey dick?  Blue balls far too often, girls need to learn how to give handies.

Craziest place you have had sex? In the bushes against a brick wall at a party.   Still not exactly sure where all the blood came from, lets hope the cuts on my thighs and ass.

Do you have a special rating system for girls outside of the standard 1-10? Absolutely. It’s a baseball rated system.  Scouting in baseball is on a 20-80 scale.  So face=fastball butt=curveball body=changeup boobs=slider

So a casual convo would be ,”yeah, she has an 80 fastball but her curveball hangs a bit, give that only a 60”

*No one ever knew what we were talking about

Do you trim your pubes?  I’ve learned first hand that’s a two way street, so yes I do.

Best drunk text you’ve sent or received: Received- “We better have sex tonight.  OR I’ll kill you”

Would you rather walk in on your parents or get walked in on by your parents?  I’d rather walk in on my parents.  Who knows, maybe I’ll learn a new position? haha

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    stud… damn this kid looks like hes livin the dream.