Alec (Minnesota)


Name: Alec Fischer (University of MN-Duluth)

Favorite Drink: Natty Ice

Advice to Freshman? College is not highschool.

There isn’t anything that ______________tequila_______ can’t fix.

The quickest way to annoy me is ___sniffle in class______

What do you want in a girl? Less drama, chill to be around, and a body that hasn’t gotten the freshmen 15

What’s your pet-peeve in bed? Biting, scratching, or any of that weird stuff

Craziest place you have hooked up? Varsity baseball dugout in high school

What’s on your ipod? Lot of country , a little bit of lil Weezy

Worse nickname you’ve had?  Fish guts

Best drunk text you’ve sent or received? Girl: Alec, just because I went to a private school doesn’t mean I’m prude.

Favorite drunk food? Dominos pizza hands down, bacon and pepperoni

Best party weekend? Last year when we won the D-1 national championship

Biggest rival and why? The gophers, because we have to share the U of M name with them

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